How to get the most from the course


I'm so excited to welcome you on this journey to discover the spirit of Shamanisn and get started with Shamanic practice at home. Watch the video below and see below for a few pointers to make sure you get the most out of this introductory course.

Please request here to join the private Plants that Speak Online Facebook Group to share your experiences and post questions.

Please note that the Facebook Group is where I will be answering questions.

I suggest you get a new journal for all of your shamanic adventures.

All content is possible to download, you can also use the Teachable app. No special equipment or experience is required!

The content is a blend of video, audio and pdf notes so make sure you look at all of it to get the full picture and all the instruction.

Enjoy the practice and the discovery of a new world!

May this course in Shamanism Basics provide you with all you need to get started on the rich journey of awakening that comes with Shamanic practice and inspire you to open up more to the innate knowing that flows through you as a creative being alive and vibrant in this universe!

The Shaman's Universe Awaits you!

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