Reiki Practice: Gassho in Nature

Gassho in nature

If you would like to invite in the support of the natural world into your self-healing, and bring another dimension to your vision for your Reiki practice then follow this exercise.

Take a comfortable seat out in nature and settle yourself into the space. Use these notes or scroll down to the video below to guide you as follows:

1.     Mentally call back all the energy that you have exerted over the day, calling back to you, from all space and time. If negative experiences come to mind, picture yourself dropping them to the Earth and silently ask the earth to take them away and transform them.

2.     From this restful space, breath normally, allowing yourself to relax a little more with each exhalation. Become aware of any tension that is in your body, drop your shoulders down your back and relax your face.

3.     Extend your awareness to the environment that surrounds you. Notice the trees and plants that are growing around you. Observe the colours, form and shape of the natural domain in which you have placed yourself. Open up your senses to the elements, noticing what you can hear, feel against your skin and smell in the air, as well as what you can see.

4.     When you have finished exploring with your senses, it's time to go inwards. Place your hands in Gassho and close your eyes.

5.     In the way that you have been taught, invite Reiki to flow.


6.     Breathe in Gassho taking deep. calm breaths.


7.     As you breathe, be aware of the green beings that grow around you.


8.     As you breathe, become aware of the invisible realms that surround you.


9.     As you breathe, become aware of the nature beings, elementals and fairy folk that may be sharing the space with you.


10. Sense into your energy field, feeling for where you end and the outside world of nature and the unseen spirit of nature begins.


11. Bring to mind your vision for your Reiki practice. Paint a vivid picture that feels alive, abundant and full of joy, in which you feel confident and energised.


12. Hold this image in your heart and if you are trained to Reiki level 2 and above then work with the symbols to send Reiki. Otherwise, keep your hands in Gassho, feeling and sensing in to your Reiki vision.

13 When you feel ready to complete the exercise, express your gratitude to Reiki and the spirit of nature around you. Finish your Reiki connection in the way that you would normally and leave the area.


14 Note down any observations and feelings in your journal.

15 Make it a regular practice to send Reiki to your Reiki vision and notice how over time it will shift.