Practical: Reiki Technique Joshin Kokyo Ho

Joshin Kokyo Ho

Breathing exercise to purify the spirit

This technique (which I teach at Reiki Level 1) magnifies your energy and helps you to feel like a hollow piece of bamboo or bone through which the energy flows.

This can be useful to practice before you pick up your drum or before you lie down to experience a shamanic reiki drum journey. It will ensure that you are relaxed, open and filled with light.

The pointers below offer a guideline plus you can listen to the audio here

·      Sit comfortably with your back straight and envisage drawing Reiki energy in through your crown as you breathe in.

·      Pull the energy down into your dantien (a point a couple of fingers below your tummy button).

·      Keep the breath there for a few moments (do not strain)

·      Visualise the breath permeating your whole body and then exhale and imagine the breath/energy releasing through your hands, fingers, feet and toes.

·      Begin the cycle again and find your own rhythm.