Guidance for your Journey


  • For both Reiki and Shamanic practice you are a channel. Allow spirit guides and Reiki to guide you.
  • Develop your relationship with your drum and with your spirit helpers by practicing - ie. one journey a week
  • Cultivate TRUST and release your attachment to the outcome.
  • Practice: Protection, Separation and Grounding to maintain yourself as a clear channel.
  • Keep working on your own healing because Shamanic work is deep and will always bring this up.
  • Remember oneness and connection - you are working towards wholeness.
  • Keep practicising your empathetic awareness - be aware of the different feelings and sensations that occur during a journey or a treatment - if you are particularly sensitive then make sure you have ways to cope with this. Ask spirit to help you!
  • We are all connected! Your struggles and stresses are not independent of the world and community that surrounds you.
  • Stay connected to nature and attuned to the natural world. Connect with the seasons, moon cycles, plants in season, local wildlife, weather patterns, landscape that you live in and so on.

You are a spiritual being having a physical experience – enjoy the physical stuff – spirit does not get to enjoy this!

Give your Gratitude to life!