Practical: Shamanic Journey to meet a guide

Meet a Guide! Shamanic journey Practical

This video guides you through a Shamanic Reiki Journey to help you meet a guide.

The invitation is to imagine yourself walking out of your front door into nature and into non-ordinairy reality.

Read the points below to prepare yourself and press play when you are ready.

Shamanic Journey Preparation Guidelines

  • Always prepare yourself and your space
  • Invite Reiki to flow and work with the symbols to help you connect through space and time.
  • Call in your guides and helpers
  • Call forward your intention
  • Self-treat with Reiki (if you are listening to a drumming track and you feel you want to, otherwise relax).
  • Drum or listen to a drumming track when you feel ready
  • Relax and allow the beat of the drum to carry you.
  • Release your expectations
  • Keep your focus on your intention
  • Explore and trust
  • Give thanks as the journey completes.
  • Make notes
  • Close down your space when you are done
  • Always allow time to ground and integrate your experiences. Take a walk in nature for example