Private Sessions

Could you use some more peace and happiness in your life? You deserve to live in joy. Get ready for a breakthrough!

Becky can help if you:
* Feel weighed down by past hurts, and want help to let them go
* Try to think positively, but experience a frustrating inner struggle because it doesn’t feel true
* Notice repeating patterns in your life you’d like to change
* Want to refresh and uplift your spirit
* Need help manifesting/attracting positive life circumstances

Becky can help you move forward and get relief from physical or emotional pain by addressing the root causes of suffering on the energetic level. Her specialty is assisting people with PTSD; she works with her spirit team to clear karmic debris, current and past life trauma, and more, and offers metaphysical tools to empower you to navigate life’s challenges. You’ll leave feeling uplifted, “like getting a massage for the soul!”

Becky is an Usui Reiki master healer, intuitive herbalist, metaphysical teacher and author. She loves helping people align with their joyful, expansive, authentic self by releasing the painful experiences of the past.

“Becky is a wonderfully gifted healer. She put me at ease immediately with her warmth and light. She was able to help me let go of some things I’ve been struggling with for years and shed light on issues that others healers I’ve seen haven’t been able to understand. I can’t wait for another session!” – A.L.

“I have experienced energy work before with varying degrees of success, [but] nothing came close to the experience I had with Becky. The word profound doesn’t do it justice. I now feel better than I have in years!!” – S.K.

“I thought that my pain/wounding was a permanent limp; now I run free!” – S.L.

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Sessions typically last 90 minutes and cost $150; they are available by appointment using the contact form below.  Appointments are available on Sundays from 11:30 am to 5 pm at 1235 SE Division St., Suite 302, Portland, OR. Home visits are an option on other days.

Sessions are also available at New Renaissance Bookshop on NW 23rd Ave in Portland for $60/30 minutes or $111/hour. Upcoming dates at the store: Wednesdays from 4 to 8:30 pm on: Nov. 25, Dec. 4 and Dec. 15. Call the store to reserve your appointment at (503) 224-4929 or use the contact form below to visit me at Division Street.


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