About Tara

Tara Rose is passionate about using energy medicine and spiritual coaching to help people recover from trauma/PTSD and flourish following their true calling. She sees clients at the popular metaphysical store New Renaissance Bookshop in Portland, Oregon, and also offers phone and video chat sessions for those who are located elsewhere.

Her philosophy is that with divine intervention, everything is curable, and that all darkness in the world, including in ourselves, is only a lack of love. Her clients include accomplished psychologists, academics, sensitives and fellow lightworkers. They come to her because they know she is among the best. And she delights in helping the helpers!

When not seeing clients, you can find her mentoring her students, running the First Ways Herbal Apprenticeship program, and leading meditation and healing ceremonies. Her motto is, “Be your luminous self!”

Tara is the author of “Dandelion Hunter: Foraging the Urban Wilderness,” a creative nonfiction narrative about adventures with nature in the city (under her given name Rebecca Lerner) and is working on new projects. You can find her book in Powell’s Books, Barnes & Noble and other stores.

Educational Background
Tara has an MFA in creative nonfiction writing from Goucher College and a BA in philosophy from Rutgers University. Before she became a lightworker, she was a journalist writing for newspapers and magazines, with bylines in The Oregonian, Orion magazine, and RealitySandwich.com among other outlets. She’s appeared widely in the media — including on national TV and NPR stations — talking about edible and medicinal wild plants, too!

Metaphysical Training
Her perspective is informed by years of healing on her personal journey through 12-step recovery, Tibetan Buddhist philosophy, dreams and visions, plant spirit meditation, law of attraction, psychology, shamanism and teachings of the Kriya yoga masters. Her biggest lessons have come from personal experience. She only believes in teaching that with which she has had personal direct experience.

Her mentors include Jeanette Hieter, multi-dimensional healer, intuitive guide and Usui Reiki master; Laural Virtues Wauters, shamanic Reiki healer; and Selene Aswell, shamanic priestess, channel, and Compassion Light Ray ambassador.

Tara has received many activations and initiations and has learned much from dreams and mystical experiences with all kinds of beautiful light beings, including plant spirits, angels, Buddha, Parahamsa Yogananda, goddesses Isis and Quan Yin, and more.

She is available to lead guided meditations and experiential workshops for private groups on the subjects of plant spirit healing, Reiki, creating the life of your dreams, and more. Contact Tara here:


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